Yoga for Everyone by Wai Lana : Detailed & Real Review

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Hello friends…

Being on a vacation feels great, but when it approaches to an end, it’s possibly a sad thing for most of us. But for me, this was more than a vacation… I am feeling quite fresh and energetic; I am feeling very happy to share my experience with you. Mostly it was a yoga vacation. Apart from my to-do list in vacation, I also came with a Wai Lana Yoga DVD with me just to check out how it can help my physical issues. From the beginning I was not a fitness maniac, but these yoga DVDs inspired me a lot.

While I am getting ready to write this detailed review, I am a bit mixed up about how to start? First the background details – I came to Phuket to spend a not so long vacation and I ended up staying in SriPanwa Resort. I found this place is a right fit with a good combination of luxurious facilities, silence of nature, soft breezes, ocean views and the greenery. I went through the reviews on this resort by celebrities and many have described it as fabulous and when i landed myself I found it was true. So everything was set to get started for a restful retreat as planned. I really spent a nice time here in the pool deck looking at the rising sun. I was like making a good use of the deck – it was my frequent hangout area all through the vacation. The best thing is – I was having all the time to myself to focus on my lifestyle and wellness. Right now, in this review write-up – I will simply focus on the Wai Lana Yoga practice session in the deck area. I want to make sure I do not miss any of the experience I went through.


Finally after a 3-week of vacation I am quite excited to write a detailed review about this yoga DVD for all of my friends & people, who have either started their yoga journey or thinking to start something. I brought the Wai Lana Yoga for Everyone 3 pack DVD with me to the vacation here in Thailand. This personal review will give a clear and concise picture of this “yoga for everyone kit” by Wai Lana. I am so excited after learning a lot of poses now. The change I am feeling is very refreshing. It will be unfair not to share the experience from Wai Lana Yoga DVD with all of you. So let’s start from the packaging part and we will quickly jump to the main journey.

Here goes my detailed in-depth review of “Yoga for Everyone” DVD Series by Wai Lana

Pocketed Packaging:

The very first cover picture of Wai Lana attracted me a lot. The beach sand background, the ocean blue, and the colorful yoga outfits of Wai Lana are very unique in itself. Packaging of this DVD is very safe and protective. I ordered this item from US and received it at my home without any problem just because of the sturdy packaging. All the DVDs come with distinct soothing colors contained in one box whereas all 3 are packaged well individually too. Even after traveling for 2 days in a row, the 3 DVDs were intact and I was very eager to open that and play in the large screen TV mounted on the wall in the resort.

Complete Set of Yoga Poses for everyone:

After practicing a couple of preparatory poses I could very well realize, this DVD series is meant for all kind of people from all age groups.

This DVD series comprises three DVD’s named as Flexibility, Strengthening and Stamina which I personally feel – It is a complete package for someone who is novice and he can get into the Yoga space easily.

Poses in the Flexibility series helps me to release the tension from different body parts, improve blood circulation and mental alertness, reduce stress, stretch and tone the entire body parts.

A good number of poses categorized in the Strengthening series helps me to build strong bones, strengthen the abs and back, boost immune system, and improve digestion and elimination.

Those poses come under the Stamina series helps me to build strength, stamina and determination, oxygenate and energize the body, increase balance, coordination and concentration, calm the mind.

As these all 3 DVDs altogether has a great impact on stretching, strengthening and toning different body parts, helping the internal organs of the body, calming, resting and making the mind alert, peaceful to the heart, I feel this series of DVD’s is a comprehensive package for anyone to start practice.

Easy, simple and informative:

When you open the plastic case of individual DVD, you will find a beautiful booklet clipped inside the case. Wai Lana has provided a booklet with each DVD where in the benefits and key points are mentioned in detail for easy reference. The guideline she has given is amazing for everyone to practice yoga. The DVD is arranged in a very simple format, anyone can find what they want. It’s very easy to navigate through the poses and other aspects featured in this DVD.

So coming to the different menu options on the front page to navigate:

Start workout” takes through all the poses at a time.

Extras” helps to select one preferable asana at a time and to change it as per the need.

Guidelines”, here Wai Lana has explained all the guidelines one should follow while doing the yoga poses to be safe and to get most of the benefits out of it.

Each DVD has voice in 2 languages i.e. in English and Spanish. You can choose at this point.


Clicking on Extras gives the benefits to navigate to

  1. One asana at a time,
  2. Introduction
  3. More from Wai Lana


Clicking on any pose gives the benefits of the pose in bullets as well as link to the Quick Hints and it makes easy for us to play and practice with her.

With the description, benefits, key hints mentioned I feel it very beneficial and user friendly. When I was new to practice this DVD I used to use the feature “Extras” where all the poses are mentioned separately with the benefits and quick hints. But now after practicing for few days I prefer to go for “Start Workout” and I practice with her for 50 minutes. She has explained the cautions for the poses and the steps to follow to loosen the body parts very nicely.

Name of Poses are self explanatory:

She has given the names to poses in such a way that the pose resembles to the literary meaning of the name and gives a feeling of the effect of the pose on the body, which helps me a lot to remember the poses easily.

Wai Lana’s focus is to ensure safety:

No where she focuses to go beyond the limit of body  for making the pose perfect but  her main focus is safety even if the pose is not done complete and perfect. Wai Lana explains nicely about all the cautions to apply while doing the pose. She always asks to listen to the body rather forcing on it. Many poses were difficult for me to do initially. But as per her instruction, practicing the easy poses regularly makes the body flexible for a deeper pose. The best thing in Wai Lana yoga which I like the most is, she teaches the counter pose for almost all the poses to rest, relax and to bring the blood circulation to normal.

Wai Lana has mentioned benefits and variations for all the poses. Looking at the benefits, it creates a positive interest to do the pose. And I feel the variation as a real help to start with the pose. Sometimes it becomes difficult for me to do the pose as she explains but when I go for the quick hints, it becomes easy to start with the baby step for that pose and with practice I am able to go further gradually to the actual pose.The best thing about her teaching is she takes through the easy poses to be able to do the difficult pose.

Usage of Yoga Props makes it easy:

I got to know the use of prop from Wai Lana’s yoga practice. This is amazing to do the poses with the yoga props. It makes the pose easy and helps to maintain all kinds of caution in the pose. I would say you will love to do yoga with props, as you do not have to strain for any pose. The Yoga props help to go deeper into the pose.

I would like to share my practical experience and benefits I got after practicing these poses with her.

Flexibility Series:

Normally I feel very good to go and sit alone in an open and lonely area and especially where clear, nice breeze flows. When I first time saw this DVD, I felt it very nice to see the beach-side location where she is displaying the poses. The scenery and the nice guidelines from her lips encouraged me to do yoga practice and to relax.

While sitting relaxed with legs open and long, resting on the hand just rotating the ankle as per her guidance gives me a gentle stretch to the leg, hip joints, calf muscles, toe, ankle and feet.

Normally I get tension and stiff hip joints after sitting for long on the floor. She has explained many poses in this series which really helps me in getting relieved from all the tension and stiffness.  Practicing these poses in flexibility dvd help me to have a strong thigh and abdominal muscles which helps to sit on the base of the sitting bone while sitting on the floor.

A stiff joint causes different kind of pain and dizziness in my body. Wai Lana has included many poses in this series to simply stretch and relieve the pain and lose different joints like, the shoulder joint, lower back, knee joint and sacrum.


Nowadays office goers have to sit for long hours in many of the jobs. Sitting for long hours gives me rounded back, stiff shoulders, tension near the collar bone, lower back pain and stiff legs. But Wai Lana has explained many poses which by practicing simply stretches the arms and loosens the shoulders, elbows, wrists while improving the posture.

I feel these pose not only stretches, strengthens but massages the internal organs as well. All the twists give me a gentle stretch in the spine while releasing the tension, fatigue and making them energetic. When I practiced the spinal twist with Wai Lana, I could feel the massage in the shoulder blades and stretch in the spine making the back relaxed and flexible.

See this easy practice of Threaded Spinal Twist by Wai Lana from YouTube channel:


Many poses in this series appears difficult, but while practicing them I found it easy and beneficial for many of the body parts. The gentle backbend makes my spine supple while massaging the abdominal muscles and this pose nicely counteracts the stiffness in my body after sitting in front of the computer for long hours. This helps me to lose the thigh, hip and groin.

Massage the Spinal nerves with Simple backbend:

She has given the names to poses in such a way, we could feel the effect of the pose as the name suggests. When I practiced the waterfall pose, I could feel the inward breath refreshes the entire body, lengthening and energizing the spine, arms and shoulders getting released from all the tension as we feel refreshed standing underneath the waterfall.


She has explained many inversions in this series which helps me to bring blood supply to the brain and helps in gaining eyesight, hearing power, improved complexion and nice growth of hair.

The sciatica pain kills me half of the time. Wai Lana has explained few poses by practicing which I could feel the stretch from the hips to the entire leg and that helps me relieving the sciatica pain. Resting in the counter pose after the pose makes all the muscles of the body feel supple, increasing the blood circulation in the body which makes me alert and attentive.

After the long day of household work and long hours of sitting in front of the computer, I always wish someone to massage the lower back to help release the tension. But after starting the cross leg twist with her, I could feel a nice massage in the lower back and abdominal muscles with a gentle stretch to the hamstring. This makes my lower back relaxed.


I had a serious problem in maintaining the posture while working in front of the computer. But practicing the back bending poses helps me a lot in improving the posture. The back bending poses help loosen the shoulder and to open the chest. Now also I have the habit of sitting with a round back but practice of this pose reminds me to correct the pose while giving the strength to do it.

I found the Rock the Leg pose difficult at the starting but with practice, it gives very nice stretch to my hip, thighs and hamstrings while massaging the sacrum area.

Rock the Leg Pose:

Wai Lana has explained even many easy yet very effective poses in this series to relax the body by relieving the backache, alleviating the fatigue from leg by increasing blood circulation to that area.

She has arranged the poses in such a way that the poses at the start helps to stretch and release the tension from the body parts making them flexible. Then in the middle she does bit difficult poses which is quite possible to do with the flexible body and then the poses to relax the entire body and mind.

I would say all the poses in the flexibility series are very easy to practice yet very effective in stretching and strengthening different body parts. Without any pressure or strain in any of the body parts, these pose very nicely makes the body flexible.  As she explains the benefits very much clearly, it becomes easy to feel and realise them as I practice.

The Yoga Sound Madana Mohana at the end calms the mind, drawing it away from all other tension.

Strengthening Series:

As the name says all the poses in this series helps to strengthen different body parts in different ways.

I had an understanding that Yoga has impact on different body parts but practicing yoga with Wai Lana I could feel many a poses has impact on the internal organs by toning and strengthening them. This also helps me release many illness and disease.


My mom has Thyroid problem. Practicing the Throat massage she could feel the benefits on the thyroid gland even if it not a complete cure to it. This pose helps tone the throat and neck muscles making it supple.

Throat Massage by Wai Lana:

I have heard loose muscles are very problematic to keep the joints strong and very difficult for the bones to get support. But Wai Lana teaches many poses where it strengthens the muscles especially thigh and abdominal muscles which helps me strengthening the lower back.

I feel the neck muscle gets strong with the easy sit-up pose which helps me to keep the natural curve of the spine and helps to prevent back problems.

Warrior 2 pose is very helpful to strengthen the leg especially the thigh. Initially it was difficult for me to widen the legs and gradually practicing this pose; it opens the hips and makes it possible for me to do with wide legs to get most of the benefits out of it.

Warrior pose Stance for Strengthening:

Following the benefits of the poses I could feel that almost all the forward bend poses where the head goes below the heart, has a nice blood flow to the brain. These forward bending pose makes me alert while giving other benefits of stretching and strengthening different body parts.


I get easily stressed after doing a little bit of work. Wai Lana has explained few poses in this series which helps me to relieve stress, anxiety and anger calming the mind.

I found the worship pose as a relaxing pose helping release minor pains and bringing the blood circulation to normal which is told as the most important part of yoga.


In the tense and relax samadhi pose she explains the process to relax each and every body part that was engaged in the yoga poses. It gives a very relaxing effect on the entire body bringing the blood circulation to normal.

Anyone looking to get purchase this strengthening dvd can click here.

Stamina Series:

After practicing the poses in the stamina dvd I realized the benefits of having a good stamina with flexibility and strength.  Gaining stamina with the practice of the poses in this series is a real help to me to continue something which needs strength.

Being a lady, doing all the household work and sitting for long hours in front of computer at office causes back pain and stiff leg and joints. Normally I want to stretch my body in some way to get a slight stretch in my back. Wai Lana has explained poses which helps me giving a nice stretch in the hip, shoulder, and hamstring and eases the back pain. One of them is Cobra stretch which is very helpful for me to strengthen the lower back while improving the posture. Many poses helps me improving my posture with a stretch in my arms and flexibility in the joints.

Cobra Stretch By Wai Lana:

The Arm strengthening squat was a difficult pose for me initially. It was causing stretch in the hamstring, so I was getting pain. But gradually this pose helped me to build strength and stamina in the leg and now I can do this pose easily.


After practicing the poses with her, I realized yoga is not something just to learn but it needs regular practice. Regular practice of these I could feel the benefits as she has mentioned in each pose.

Intense Garudasana:


Garuda pose gives me almost all the benefits that we could find from one pose. This pose helps me improving flexibility in every joint, stretches the upper body, strengthens the calves and thighs and improves sense of balance.


Chanting the Mantra Madana Mohana Murari and dancing with Wai Lana gives me inner satisfaction.

My mind gets relaxed from all the worries, tension and anxiety after singing this sacred sound with her.This helps me to get immerses in the ocean of peace and blissfulness.

The Last words…

So in my short journey of adopting a yoga lifestyle few weeks back, I have come through many yoga materials like yoga shows, dvd, brochures, seminar, reviews etc but none of them were so touching as that of Wai Lana. I discovered a whole treasure house of healthy lifestyle and yoga props – all are  eco-friendly. The products are yoga dvds, music & meditation dvds, yoga mat and bags, kids yoga gears, cartoon dvds, pilates kits and many other props. The yoga mats are quite flexible, durable and trendy with beautiful prints like butterfly, birds, bamboo, dolphins, lily pond, panda etc.

Wai Lana Yoga techniques are very helpful for my physical, mental and spiritual needs. I discovered about the Wai Lana Yoga PBS broadcasts in California, Ontario (Canada) and other places. You can read Wai Lana Yoga biography here (See Video below). Feel free to check out the amazing Wai Lana Yoga channel

Yoga is a choice, and you will benefit immensely if you take a sincere decision to apply in your life. Below are some of the videos that will inspire you to take up yoga as an inseparable part of life.

So after checking all about Wai Lana from her website, It has a full variety of healthy lifestyle products ranging from body care to healthy snacks, kids snacks, super fruits, gift baskets everything is available. I was completely convinced what Wai Lana says in her tagline – “Where healthy living comes naturally”.  This statement is well practiced in the core of Wai Lana’s products. No testing is done on animals, no chemicals is used. All are tested in independent laboratory etc. I also tried out the Wai Lana chips – they are so tasty, crunchy and some of them even have healing properties. Here are some real reviews what people are saying about the chips.

Soon I found she has also released two revolutionary musical albums year by year on the occasion of international yoga day – when i saw them, i could not keep myself from seeing again and again. The first one released in 2015 was a heart touching Namaste by Wai Lana music video which spoke of global harmony and i immediately shared with my friends in social media – later i learned that the same Wai Lana video has earned millions of views in a few months. The second video which was released in the June 2016 is named as Alive Forever Yoga Music Video. After watching this alive forever musical video, one can gradually get relief from the fear of aging and death – this is what we all are going through.

So I am very happy and thank Wai Lana from my heart for this lovely & effective yoga DVD. I am going to encourage each of my friend’s to check out her video channel, products and Wai Lana programs  on PBS. Finally my money and time spent on this vacation came out real worthy. I am not going to leave this journey with Wai Lana Yoga. It’s a great find of my life and I am going to treasure it.

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Thank for your time for reading this huge review! until next time!

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